Chapel Hill Community Center & Park

After a weekend of frenzied activity, C and I were alone to explore life at a slower pace. So we decided to enjoy the weather and get out to the playgrounds. We went to the Chapel Hill Community Center Park on Estes Road. Although apparently we were not the only ones with this thought. This place was buzzing with activity. However, it was so pleasant!
C and I actually decided to begin our playtime by stopping to smell the roses. Literally. The Community Center Park is home to the Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden. There are over 450 rose bushes and 130 different varieties. Surprisingly, though, with all that diversity the gardens aren’t terribly large at all. But boy do they smell good.There is also a compost demonstration site that is quite active, with an instructor available to give hands-on lessons. We skipped that, I have to admit, and I am not sure if that smelled quite as good.

The part of the park for the kids is mostly well-shaded by trees. The playground equipment is large and has plenty for the wee ones and the big ones. And the kids were sharing quite well. The ground is part synthetic material and part mulch. There were picnic benches on the perimeter and many-a mommies group were parked on them.

So after some nice conversation witha few other mommies on the playground, and spending considerable time watching C throw dirt, I explored the facilities a little. The Community Center hosts an indoor pool, a climbing wall (which is the piece de resistance of this place and does have open climb hours), basketball court, bathrooms, and classes. There are fees to get in and use the facilities, but they vary depending on what you want to do, so you best check online here. Nothing seems too burdensome, though. Single visits are going to run you between $2 and $6.

and I also went for a little stroll. We were going to hit the Battle Branch Trail, which is behind the Community Center. It is a 1.5 mile trail that connects the Community Center to UNC. But, to be quite honest, it was gravel, I had our little umbrella stroller, and it didn’t seem exciting enough to “battle” it out.

There are trails behind the Rose Garden and bocce courts that are paved and much more stroller friendly. I was told by some new mommy friends that that’s the place to stroll. We’ll do that next time.

Chapel Hill Community Center and Park
120 South Estes Road (near University Mall across from the Post Office)

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