Your child finally gets hair. So you need to cut it! What’s a parent to do? Here are some thoughts from this modest blogette.


This is where all the buzz is for us parents. Peek-a-Doo, located over by Southpoint Mall, is a fantastic business idea: a salon that caters to children. This means the seats and chairs are little airplanes or cars or boats. You can even have your child watch a movie while they get their haircut. (I know, seems a little lazy but I have to say that my dear friend and I discovered that the Muppets’ Bohemian Rhapsody is a huge hit and, when put on repeat, can keep our little ones transfixed for a long time. This is nice when there are sharp cutting instruments near their ears.)

Peek-a-Doo is a cute atmosphere, and can keep the little ones entertained enough to make hair cutting feel like a fun adventure.

But, there are some negatives about this place you should be aware of.

First, it isn’t cheap. They are unique, and they charge as such. Minimum of $20 for a cut regardless of age. They also offer rates and packages for pictures. Meaning that they shoot some film, and then at the end you can pay to purchase the pictures. If you forget your camera, or simply can’t get a good shot, this is a great option. Again, though, you have to be prepared to pay.

Second, costumer service is hit or miss. Some of the stylists are great, some are not. Not giving any names here, but just pay attention when you go to who you like, and then request them by name in future appointments.

Third, and this is a safety issue, no straps in the children chairs. This means that if you have a toddler who can’t sit still, they can easily fly right out of their little plane. One mommy I know had this happen to her son, and he has some battlewounds to show for it. They still give you the option, like many salons, to have your child sit in your lap. Or you can go for the cute seats and chairs, just be prepared for the squirming and wiggling.

Peek-a-Doo also sells toys in the store. Which, if bribery works best (and let’s face it, sometimes bribes are the only thing that work!), you can have rewards right there. Of course, that adds to your total price. And, of course, kids can stand at the wall of toys for sale and scream “I want it” for awhile, possibly adding to your overall stress level. But that happens in Target, too, so I am sure you have found a way to deal with that issue!

Overall, it’s a great idea. Unique, pricey, but worth it for the experience it offers. Be wary of the lack of straps in the seats if you go with a little one!

By the way, they do offer adult cuts too. Not sure you could fit in the little boat, but doesn’t hurt to try! And if you do try please, please send me pictures (

Great Clips

With multiple locations in the immediate Chapel Hill and Carrboro area, this chain advertises that they do, indeed, offer haircuts for children under 1o. No appointment needed. Only $9 for a cut. These stylists are not “trained” in cutting kids’ hair, but when I called over they said they would work with parents to get the trim done.

Syd’s Hair Shop
One of the most popular places to go in Chapel Hill, I called over there to see what they can do for wee ones.They said it is the same price as an adult haircut ($35) and they “don’t do screaming, crying kids.” Don’t blame them.

JJ’s Kids Cuts
Too far afield for this Chapel Hill mom as it is out in North Ridge Shopping Center. But for those of you closer to the Raleigh end of life, I include the website. I haven’t heard any reviews, but I know it’s there and caters to kids.

Personal Cuts
Have a friend that cuts hair? Trust that friend (hope so!)? See if they will do your little one. Seems obvious, but I didn’t think of it until someone recommended it to me. It ended up being a fantastic idea, and my friend, Dani (who cuts at Mitchell’s in Southpoint Mall, plug plug), cut C in a pleasant, easy manner while he was in a high chair, eating the comb, and watching some Muppets.

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4 comments for “Haircuts

  1. Laura
    July 23, 2010 at 7:57 pm

    How much was the cut at Mitchell’s? Trying to find a place that will cut hair for my squirmer. Was going to resort to Peek A Doo just because I thought he would be distracted by all of the stuff they have but it seems crazy to pay $20 for the few minutes it takes to trim him. We first took him to the Great Clips by HT in CH, which was fine except for the straight across bangs, really a result of his wiggling.

  2. July 23, 2010 at 8:04 pm

    Hey Laura! Mitchell’s is $25 for a kids’ hair cut (10 and under). They don’t normally do kids, but they are willing to. I personally recommend Dani over at the Mitchell’s at Southpoint.

  3. October 19, 2012 at 5:00 am

    We have had very good experiences at Peek-a-Doo. I was surprised that their old store wasn’t there near Greenkids but just found via their website that they are still around (yay!) but moved nearby. I wonder why they moved? Thanks for sharing!

  4. October 23, 2012 at 12:33 am

    Hi Dilip – We loved Donna at Peek-a-Doo a lot. The word on the street was that they moved due to lease negotiations not working out for renewal on the space. Good news that they aren’t too far away from their old spot.

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