The Tumble Gym Open Gym

Updated 1/2012:  The Tumble Gym has added Mon- Thurs 12-1 pm for Open Gym times and weekend times have changed to Fri 12 – 4:30 pm and Sun 12 – 5 pm.  Also, the cost has gone down to $8 per child for an hour of play.
Is anyone else ready for the fall yet? Ugh, since it was still so hot last week I was looking for indoor play opportunities and tried out The Tumble Gym’s Open Gym.

The Tumble Gym is in Southern Village. A la The Little Gym and Gymboree, they offer classes in movement, gymnastics, and dance for kids of all ages. However, The Tumble Gym is locally owned and in Chapel Hill. Also, unlike some other spots, you do not have to be actively enrolled in a Tumble Gym class to go to Open Gym.

C had a great time here and it was a really good way to burn off energy.

Here is what we loved: The gentleman running the Open Gym was very nice and interactive with the kids. He would bring out toys and suggest activities for the kids to do, even playing games with some of the older kids. The equipment was in great condition and very clean. The room was very safe.

Open Gym is open to all ages provided that kids are at least 1 and walking. If there are a lot of children of different ages, part of the room is blocked off for younger kids so that they don’t get trampled by the exuberant and more mobile older kids.

You must stay with your child as there is no unattended play at Open Gym. Bring socks or plan to go barefoot (both of you!). But the gym is adult-friendly too and the other parents there seemed to be having a good time playing with their children on the equipment.

The two negatives I found were: The limited time it is offered, which is only Fridays and Saturdays and even then with limited availability. And the price, which at $10 per hour per child is a little steep. And they do hold you to that hour.

They have a Parents Night Out the last Friday of every month from 5-8 pm. It is $25 for the first child, $15 after that, and includes pizza. Which is a great option for parents as there are plenty of restaurants and a movie theatre in Southern Village.

Call ahead to confirm hours since they offer birthday parties and Saturdays are popular days.

The Tumble Gym Open Gym
Open Gym Hours: Fridays 12 pm to 7 pm and Saturdays 1 pm to 6 pm.
601 Market Street
Chapel Hill

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