YoPop Frozen Yogurt

From Sarah C.:

For whatever reason, it seems that mix-in ice cream is losing popularity and stores are closing down. At the same time, the self-serve frozen yogurt is gaining popularity and those shops keep opening. D & I headed out on a recent hot afternoon to check out the new frozen yogurt shop in Morrisville – YoPop.

The shop is a fun, brightly colored space with modern furnishings similar to some of the other frozen yogurt spots we’ve told you about such as Tutti Fruitti. It also follows the same concept – get a bowl, select yogurt, select toppings, weigh and pay.

The soft serve machines along the wall opposite the entrance each offer two flavors as well as the choice of a twist of those two. Of course, you can get a little bit of any and all. Options range from vanilla and chocolate to a bit more exciting flavors like cheese cake and pomegranate.

The topping bar is my favorite. So many to choose from. There are healthy options (fruit) and not so healthy, but oh so tasty options (candies, cookie bits, etc). I added small spoonful of several different toppings to our bowl. I think D would have enjoyed handfuls of everything if he could reach them!

Our visit was after nap time which meant it also timed with a crowd of teenagers after school. There was an empty table but I didn’t spy any highchairs and it was a bit noisy so we chose to sit outside instead. The shopping center has a few benches located near YoPop. It was the perfect shady spot to enjoy our treat and people watching.

If this particular location is not convenient to you, there are currently two other locations in the Triangle (see below) including what was once Orange Leaf in Timberlyne Shopping Center that is now also a YoPop.


Bethany Village Shopping Center
3605 Davis Dr, Suite 110

Crossroads Plaza
212 Crossroads Blvd

Timberlyne Shopping Center
1129 Weaver Dairy Rd.
Chapel Hill

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