Buckwheat Farm (PYO)

IMG_2717Oh my, strawberry season is finally here. Cold snaps and rain has delayed the peak of these delectable red berries, but they are HERE. Of course, at Mom in Chapel Hill we’re reviewed a slew of pick your own strawberry farms all over the Triangle (see the full list here). But this week I was pleased to go with friends to try out a new place: Buckwheat Farm.

Buckwheat was really fun and conveniently located off of Kelly Road in Apex, very close to Kelly Road Park. Since places like Chick-fil-A, Target, and Panera are so close, I thought there was no way decent strawberries could be RIGHT THERE. But I was wrong. Buckwheat had a plethora of delicious strawberries and also 2 horses, a few goats, and a peacock. Our kids had a marvelous time petting the horses. In fact, if you plan ahead, bring some carrots and you can feed them. (Little note that the animals are behind an electric fence that was, of course, turned off when we were there. However, before having your kids stick their hands in, it bears doublechecking with staff to make sure the fence is not operating.)

IMG_2682Another fun part of Buckwheat was that they offer 2 different varieties of strawberries. They cost the same, you can pick both, and they are clearly labelled. There are bigger, juicier berries that last longer and there are smaller, sweeter berries that only last a few days. You can really taste the difference.

Buckwheat charges $1.75/pound. Bring your own bucket. No, these are not certified organic grown; however, they do adhere to good farming practices and the owners are very involved in a variety of farm-support organizations throughout the state as well as affiliated with NC State.

Two things you should know before you go: 1) The road in is very close to entry to the strawberry rows. This can be a little alarming if you have kids that like to run and escape but given how big the fields are go all the way to the end and start there. 2) Buckwheat is a popular place for school field trips given its location. Two groups came and went while we were visiting so the place was busy. Yet we never wanted for space or berries or felt crowded.IMG_2674

There are picnic tables under some shade trees if you would like to pack a picnic.

The berries at Buckwheat were gorgeous, tasty, and we had a great time.

They offer blueberries to pick in the summer. Prepicked berries are available to purchase, too.

Buckwheat Farm (PYO) strawberries & blueberries

2700 Holland Road

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