Arts and Crafts Thursday! An Awesome Valentine’s Project

Contributed by My SweetArts

Egg Carton Hearts

Snow bound and looking for heart art for Valentines? Just check out your recycling bin!

Ahh, the joys of snow days… We love playing outside for hours, but there comes a point when you want to warm up andSweetArtsValen2 regroup. How to entice the kids to come inside? Suggest making a beautiful 3-D heart in time for Valentine’s day!


  • Cardboard Egg carton
  • Scissors (for adult use)
  • Paint (tempera, acrylic, or make your own with flour, salt, and water)
  • School Glue (hot glue gun if you happen to have on hand)
  • Cardstock, cardboard, or inside of cereal box or ribbon to display heart

STEP 1: Separate each egg compartment and cut so ¾ of egg compartment remains. Make sure when you cut the compartments that all edges are even (otherwise it will be more difficult to stick to backboard).

Paint outside of each egg compartments. Be sure to get all sides. If you have no paint on hand, make your own. Just mix equal parts flour, salt, and water (½ cup each should be plenty) and add in some food coloring. This makes for a fun 3-d paint that will shimmer in the light (from the salt crystals).

STEP 3: Once egg compartments dry (will take longer for homemade paint), glue egg carton pieces on to cardstock (cardboard or cereal box) in heart configuration. If no board is available, glue compartments together and punch a hole to hang your heart after assembling. To make project more vibrant and personal, have the kids paint and decorate the board too. Or grab some old wrapping paper as a special backdrop (we used winter paper in example). To give the shape some definition, draw an outline of the heart around the egg carton shape.

SweetArtsValen1STEP 4: 
Sit back and enjoy the beautiful artwork or share with a friend, grandparent, or neighbor.

Alternate options: 
If you happen to have a hot glue gun handy, you can pre-assemble the heart shape onto the board and have the kids paint the board and heart at the same time. You can also pre-assemble egg compartments into heart configuration, but keep in mind that kids will have to wait for glue to dry to paint (if you are thinking ahead can do prior to naps if you are lucky enough to still have them).

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    February 25, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    This is such a fun activity! Thanks for sharing!

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