Page Farms: Strawberries

 From Sarah C.:

Page Farms SignOne of my favorite parts of spring? Strawberry season. Thanks to our crazy winter weather this year, the start of strawberry season has been a bit delayed with the first farms opening for “pick your own” over the past week. My family has been anxiously awaiting the “open” sign at Page Farms in northwest Raleigh.

The family owned 100 acre farm is located off Mt Herman Road just north of Brier Creek and annually sells strawberries and pumpkins during their respective seasons.  A perk of the location – it’s close to the airport which means you can frequently see airplanes fly by. Even living in the flight path, my son was still mesmerized by them and would pause from picking to watch.

Page Farms Strawberry Fields

Page Farms doesn’t have the “extra” features that some local farms are known for. We did notice a small play area, but never ventured over. D was happy picking away until we filled 2 buckets full and headed out to pay. And those strawberries? Absolutely delicious.

Looking for a new adventure for your family this spring and a new spot to pick berries? Venture over to Raleigh and stop in at Page Farms. Have fun picking!

Page Farms
Hours: Monday thru Saturday 8am – 7 pm; Sundays 10 am – 6pm
6100 Mt. Herman Road
(919) 596-3227
**Field trip groups should call Danny Page at (919) 451-5534 to set up an appointment.**

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