Salsa Babies

Updated 1/2011: Susana Ramsey is no longer doing Salsa Babies but has, instead, started the all-new Zumba for Everybody. With options for participants of all ages, head over to to check it out!

I have to say, I haven’t tried this out. But I do know that it is very popular now. And it is in our area!

I also know that Susana Ramsey, the owner of Triangle Salsa Babies, is very passionate about this program and is working hard to make it accessible to mommies.

I, personally, love to shake my booty alone through my weekly dance classes (I would fling C right off of me with my ecstatic hip rolls in Body Jam), but I understand the brilliance behind this idea.

If you have been, give me your thoughts.

Salsa Babies

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