Mommies Groups

So my words about mom support groups in the area…

It is so important for mommies to have other mommies to lean on, talk to, engage with, and otherwise use for support. Many Mothers Clubs in the area facilitate these groups. I highly recommend you get connected to one.

1. Chapel Hill/Carrboro Mothers Club

A newly vamped website that is slowly adding more information, it can be a real resource. By becoming a member of the Club (for a mere $10 a month: you can afford it by cutting out 1 or 2 frappuccinos a year), you get access to closed playgroups.

For these Newborn playgroups, the MC links you with other women who had children the same month as you. It is then up to the group to decide where and when to meet. So each group has a different dynamic and personality.

Couple of things to note about this:
– Each group is different in size. It is all dependent on how many people gave birth around the same time as you and are interested in joining. I know of 1 group that split into 2 because the size was so large, and they also wanted to have times for working moms, too.

– Men are controversial in these small playgroups. There is a lot of nursing going on and talk of female-specific post-pregnancy recovery issues. Due to that, it is up to each individual small group to determine their comfort level with men in these small groups.

– The groups change over time. Many mothers start this while they are on maternity leave then head back to work and can no longer meet. Also, people move and life changes. So while people will drop out, people rarely sign up. (I want to point out that these groups really work with working moms, too.)

It is certainly worth trying out. I have had many mommy friends gleam when talking about the wonderful new women they met through their mommies group. And I know that many women form lifelong friendships through these Newborn Playgroups. For me, personally, my work schedule is spastic, so it simply became hard to commit. But the women I met are very nice and fun! So I recommend giving this a go.

**Oh, and this is about the Newborn Playgroups only. I don’t know much about other closed playgroups, but I look forward to learning.**

I have not personally taken advantage of the other activities the MC has to offer. But I plan to as they look like fun.

The best part of the MC? The babysitters list. But you have to join to get that.

2. Durham Mothers Club

Living in Chapel Hill, I am not as involved or knowledgeable about this group. I have had some friends who are members pass me information, but haven’t heard that much about playgroups from this. Send me information if you have it!

3. Meet Up

I also know some women who have had a lot of success with Meet Up. A social website meant for connecting people of all different interests and hobbies, it is not exclusive to mothers. But narrow your search or post and you can find mommies in your area looking to connect as well.

One of the most active groups for you mommies living in South Durham:

Really, do try one out. The Mommies Groups: they aren’t just for stay-at-home moms anymore.

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