AquaMoms; Working out with Baby!

I met my dear mommies through Healthy Moms’ prenatal exercise class. So when we realized that there was a postnatal exercise class you could do with your baby, we went for it!

I took C to a class at the Gold’s Gym in RTP (although Healthy Moms is not associated with Gold’s). I got him all set in a nice rash guard, swim diaper, and cute swimsuit. And we entered the FREEZING COLD pool. Apparently they have issues controlling the temperature at the front desk, no matter what AquaMoms asks for. So dress your baby warm!!

Healthy Moms advertises this as the ultimate low impact workout that builds strength and stamina in the comfort of the pool.

It is a low impact workout, for sure. It is also a workout where you can put as little or as much effort in as you want to burn off post-baby weight. Overall, this is about doing something good for mommy while bonding with your baby.

So the workout might not kick your butt, but it might! Whatever your level of intensity, your baby will get in the water. And the water will be a fun place. They have cute songs and activities to make it a pleasant experience. We still sing them at home today.

Class are about $12 per class. You get discounts for signing up in advance but you can also pay as you go. You do not have to be a member of the gym to attend these classes.

The instructors are mommies, too, and love kids. They are also really understanding and really good at motivating.

I would still be going to this class if it weren’t at 9am on Saturdays. Unfortunately, C is now in a routine nap schedule and 9am could not be a worse time for going somewhere. And we value those naps! But if it works for you and your child, check it out.

These are offered in multiple locations around the Triangle.

Healthy Moms

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