Brixx Pizza

I could eat pizza at any time of day for every meal of the day….I love it. That’s why I am so happy that Brixx in Meadowmont is so kid friendly (and also why I work out so much)!

C and I met my husband there for lunch one weekday afternoon, and the staff was so courteous and nice to C that it made dining there pleasant. Not to mention that the pizza was delish! After we confiscated the crayons our host put on the table, our waiter brought C some pizza dough to play with. So funny! He had such a fun time playing with the sticky consistency. And that is something I never would have thought of doing.

There is also outdoor dining at Brixx, which is quite lovely during the warm spring days.

The only problem? Brixx was definitely “discovered” long ago. So it can be tough to get in and get a table.

The place is noisy but, with a toddler, I actually don’t mind that. Makes me feel like the squeals are just contributing to the ambiance, not detracting from it.

Brixx Pizza

501 Meadowmont Village Circle
Chapel Hill
(919) 929-1942

402 Oberlin Rd Suite 120
(919) 723-9370

8511 Brier Creek Parkway

1111 Parkside Main Street
(919) 674-4388

14112 Bradford Green Square
(919) 336-1111

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