Duke Gardens

C loves to go for walks. He is an outdoor kid (I see Boy Scouts in the future). We get outside at least once a day to go for a walk and, as a stir crazy mom, I have been trying to use that time to get out and explore somewhere new.

So one of the first beautiful spring days we did a playdate in the Duke Gardens. It was fantastic!

We picnicked on some green grass near the Visitor Center, not knowing that there were lawns further down also open for picnicking. But it didn’t matter– we loved our location and no one cared.Sarah C. and I then loaded up our strollers and went pushing. The Gardens trails are best traversed with bigger tires (think jogging stroller) or some sort of baby carrier. The trails are wide, and the Gardens have plenty of access ramps so you can get around most of the gardens. The trails are just gravel, and there are some side trails that you just can’t get a stroller on. And, of course, because I couldn’t go down them those were the ones I was DYING to see. We made it fine with our umbrella strollers, but bigger strollers would have been faster. A carrier would have been all-access. I swear that’s why we walked so slow….it wasn’t the peanut butter cupcake we got at the cafe…

Even better, free admission (although you do have to pay for parking and a map).

The Visitor Center offers programs for kids throughout the month, but we have yet to try one of those!

Duke Gardens
426 Anderson Street Duke University Durham, NC 27708-0341

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