Kids EveryWear Consignment

** The Spring 2017 sale takes place┬áMarch 24th – April 3rd. **

I think that Kids Exchange is the biggest consignment sale to hit our area each year (I haven’t been), but Kids EveryWear is nothing to scoff at either.

Kids EveryWear is offered twice a year. This spring they held their sale at the Morrisville Outlets. I ended up going the last day of the 4-day sale. And even though a lot of stuff had already cleared their shelves, I was floored by how much was still there.

For so cheap, too! Each day of the sale, the items get cheaper and cheaper. So if there isn’t anything specific you need and you are just looking for a good deal, head over there at the end. I got an old school Fisher Price telephone for C for 54 cents. It is his favorite toy.

If there is something specific you are looking for (pack n plays, strollers, cribs, high chairs, etc.) then I suggest you go as early as possible. Those items move quickly. And are still a bargain.

Kids EveryWear also offers early shopping to first time moms and pregnant moms (you have to register in advance online), volunteers, and consignors.

I don’t know if they have announced the next dates yet. But stay tuned to the Internet. I am not sure how cosigning your stuff would work, but I am interested in trying that out, too, since we also have a lot of toys that we could part with!

Kids EveryWear Consignment Sale
Morrisville Outlet Mall
1001 Airport Blvd

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