Fearrington Village

On a beautiful spring day, A.G. and I decided to take our boys to Fearrington Village for a walk. It was such a picturesque place, and I actually can’t wait to go again soon to spend more time there.

We started at the village center. But we weren’t in a shopping sort of mood (read as: the boys weren’t letting us shop that particular day) so we took off on a stroll. We walked through the village, out the back, and through the park. The land was beautiful– a combination of rolling hills and landscaped flower beds. We eventually found the goats in the back left of the park. The boys loved them! I had read in many places that these are fainting goats, meaning that they faint when scared. Alas, all of my attempts to scare them didn’t work. These goats act as if they have seen some things.

We then backtracked, and went through the village again. We ended up out front where the cows (belted galloways I believe they are called) were lowing, along with the lone donkey. The boys laughed and giggled as the cows merely looked at us in bemusement.

I would love to come back to Fearrington Village on another beautiful day. There are many cute shops to visit, and in the center are some tables with umbrellas that you can sit at and have a beer and glass of wine (well, maybe not at the same time), and snacks at The Roost while the kids play. And that walk was great. It was scenic, entertaining, and easy.

Few things to know:
Farmer’s Market is on Tuesdays at 4 pm. So it might get more crowded then. But at least you could enjoy the market as well.

Take your jogging stroller or a stroller that can handle gravel. The trails are easy and well-groomed, but they are gravel so be prepared. I have heard that the trails can get crowded, but we didn’t have a problem.

The animals are all protected by an electrical fence. So keep curious hands far away.

Overall, this is a great, easy outing with many things to offer. Not too far from Chapel Hill down 15/501, it is an easy adventure to do around naptime(s).

Fearrington Village
2000 Fearrington Village Center
Pittsboro NC, 27312

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