Indian Creek Park & Greenway- Morrisville

More information from Sarah C. (my rockstar blog friend). ‘Tis the Season for parks and playgrounds. So here is some more information you may like! This one has an educational component, too, with the Civil War markers. I, personally, never retain that information, but I know that it is a big hobby for a lot of smart(er) people To the contrary, the thing that excites me the most are the words “Dairy Queen.”

Indian Creek Greenway and Trailhead in Morrisville opened in the summer of 2009.The small park features a fenced enclosure with two play structures and rubber playground surfacing, an open grassy space (although I currently use the term “grassy” very loosely since it’s still mostly packed dirt), two picnic shelters, restrooms (including diaper changing stations – a real plus for those with little ones) and marker for the Civil War battlefield.

If you tire of the park area or just want to stretch your legs, load up the kid(s) into the stroller and take a walk along the 1.8 mile greenway.A small portion is along the sidewalk paralleling Town Hall Drive, but the rest is a wide paved walk.There are benches along the way if you want a break.And while parts of it are wooded, there is limited shade so consider sun protection.

For those feeling more adventuresome (or just craving a treat), take the greenway to the intersection at Downing Glen Drive. Turn left and continue until you reach the intersection at Lake Grove Blvd.  Turn left again and follow the sidewalk around the curve and up the hill.Off to your left is Grace Park where you will find Starbucks (as mentioned in an earlier post about drive-thrus), Quiznos, Buffalo Wings & Rings, Dairy Queen and more.Enjoy a treat!You’ve earned it with your approximate 1.5 mile walk there (not to mention the return stroll).

Indian Creek Trailhead & Greenway
101 Town Hall
Morrisville, NC
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