** As of December 2013, JumpZone has closed. **

Despite being the season of parks & playgrounds, sometimes there is a not-so-nice day. As that was yesterday, Sarah C. and I decided to take the boys (who sound like an alphabet song together — “C & D”) out to JumpZone in Cary.

JumpZone is a big play space in a strip mall next to the Harris Teeter on the corner of High House and 55. There are the most ginormous (not sure that’s a word but it bests describes these things) inflatable moonbounces. Amazing. There are about 7 of them, too: a dinosaur obstacle course, a Disney Princess castle, a Scooby Doo bus, a Batman, a pirate ship being eaten by an octopus, a “regular old moonbounce,” and a fire truck that is a very large inflatable slide. Who knows what else I am missing….Oh, there were also free air hockey tables available.

The facilities include 4 nice party rooms, too, if you decide to rent out a space and have a party there. Each room has a hand painted mural, is themed (princesses, dinosaurs, marine life, and jungle life), and they are very clean. JumpZone parties are complete with food, so give them a call if you think that would work for you.

There are concessions on the premises (with a huge sign that says “Play First, Eat Last” which I love). A la PlayNation, they just started offering free WiFi, too. So you can bring your laptop and surf the Web while the kids play.

I have really mixed feelings about this place. It is a fantastic idea, and the owner was so nice! The facilities are very clean, and very safe. Not only is everything in the main play area inflated and squishy, but there are staff members who are in the bounces to regulate and monitor all the children and ensure play is safe and as in-control as they can be whilst bouncing around crazily.

But this is definitely a place for older kids. Sarah C. and I guess that the 4year mark seems to be the perfect age to bring the kiddos in. The moonbounces were, of course, a little too large for toddlers who can’t quite control their motor skills. I had fun since I am a little crazy and dragged C into a few bounces with me. He had a blast mostly just watching the other kids and bouncing around while I held him. But man, that was some serious work for mommy! Not to mention that the steps going up on the fire truck slide were not made for post-childbearing hips but more like 8-year old hips.

They do have a 2&under area, but this is really not great, to be blunt. There is a Kangaroo climber, some stuff on the walls (which is hung too high for the babies to see), and a really nice activity cube. But it isn’t padded. Nor is it walled off. They tried by putting benches around it but, really, what baby or toddler can’t crawl under a bench, and even enjoy that process. So we had a serious case of the Runaway Babies. The place is so big, though, that it didn’t seem to matter too much. Just harder for the parent to constantly be chasing the child down.

I am really confused on pricing, I have to admit. Kids under 2 are free. But I believe you have to pay at least 1 full admission ($8) to get in. Sarah C. and I somehow managed to get in completely free….perhaps they know somehow that we blog….??? No, seriously, no idea how that happened. Like I said, the owner was really nice.

Open Play hours are limited so you have to check out their online calendar before you go. If there are birthday parties, for example, they can close up.

Overall, I would say take the older kids and think about a birthday party there. It is a great spot, but C and D were just a little too tiny.

JumpZone in Cary
(919) 249-7320
Apex-Cary-Holly Springs Area –
2723 NC HWY 55
Cary, NC 27519

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1 comment for “JumpZone

  1. Anonymous
    August 3, 2012 at 5:47 am

    We tried Jump Zone a few weeks back and we were very disappointed. The interior is very gloomy; the carpet is old and dingy and the overall facility is just sub par. While they do have a few tall slides and a fairly complicated inflatable obstacle courses, their equipment seems out-dated and one dimensional. Nearly every piece of equipment has “duct tape” repairs and the electrical/mechanical partd and cords are often exposed and dangerous. My 3 year old could easily access electrical plug-ins and air tanks. We went on a Thursday afternoon and didn’t find any add’l staff monitoring the play area or engaging with kids. The firetruck is probably the most daring inflatable they had, but our issue was that from a safety perspective, it seemed wobbily and a child could easily fall off to the side. We also brought our 9 month old and I’m thankful that we brought his toys, because the 2 and under section was out-dated and dirty. There was food all over the floor, we kept stepping on ground up oreos that were mashed into the carpet. The air hockey tables don’t have actual air generating on the surface and they don’t keep score. The concessions are a huge disappointment. The day we were there, the drink machine was out of order, and there were no (even halfway) nutritious options for snacks. They only offered 2 liter sodas, nothing in a personal size, and no bottled waters or juices. After about 10 mins, we were ready to go. I think this business misrepresents itself on its website – maybe this business looked fresh years ago, but today it is out-dated, dingy and boring. We will definitely not return.

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