Maple View Farm

This sounds so idyllic and wonderful: a Holstein dairy farm right in our town. They sell the most delicious ice cream out of the country store on the farmland. You can also get eggs, milk, beef, and more.

But if you are thinking that you will take the kids out there, sit and have ice cream, and then pet some cows and sheep, that’s not totally accurate. Maple View farms is fantastic, and I love them. Yet you do not have access to the animals, the dairy operations, or the actual farming if you head out for a visit.

So just adjust your expectations. Maple View has their store that sells locally made, fresh ice cream that is really, really good. There are rocking chairs out front on a big porch, 1 or 2 picnic tables, and you look out over the rolling pastures. On a nice day, it is a beautiful place to relax and take in the countryside. So it can be fun, but you have to know before you go that you will not be petting animals. (By the way, you can also get the exact same ice cream in downtown Carrboro now at the Maple View Farm shop.)

The most popular use of Maple View Farms? To bike to.

There is a loop referred to as the “Dairyland loop” that takes you by Maple View so you can stop for a scoop. A relatively easy ride through the pastures, yet still close to town, it is very popular.
If you bike with your child, please note that this loop is not for kids to bike themselves. There are portions on major roads. You can pull a bike trailer if you wish but, again, it just depends on your comfort level and your expertise. Check out the map before making a decision. You do spend a section on some very busy roads.

Maple View Farms
Hours noon – 8pm
3111 Dairyland Road
Hillsborough, NC

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2 comments for “Maple View Farm

  1. June 2, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    My husband daughter and I just visited Maple view farm. We went Friday night, had a scoop of ice cream and rocked for a while in the chairs on the porch. It was very nice.
    Thanks for your post:-)

  2. June 3, 2010 at 12:36 am

    I am so glad you went! It is really beautiful out there: we take out of town guests all the time, and they always remember it. Thanks for the comment!

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