Triangle Aquatics Center

From Sarah C. today. I didn’t realize how large and comprehensive the facilities here are! They even have a cafe inside which is called Splash Cafe. With a name like that it is sure to be D-approved.

D and I decided to visit the Triangle Aquatics Center to enjoy a swim with grandma.

The “TAC” opened in 2007 so the facilities are nice and new. There are actually 3 pools total – the competition pool (which D isn’t ready for yet, despite his great talent at splashing), a program pool, and an instructional pool. Open swim is offered in the instructional pool. It is the smaller of the pools and features warm water (which they advertise as being kept at 86 – 88 degrees ,and it was ok!) and a stair entry allowing for easy access with a baby or small child.

On the day we visited, half of the instructional pool was actually being used for swimming lessons. But the other half was available for open swim and we had it to ourselves, allowing for plenty of room to splash without hindering the “real” swimmers’ enjoyment.

Lifeguards are on duty at all times.

The lower level of the building has men’s and women’s locker rooms. When I asked about family locker rooms, I was told we could use one of the restrooms located on the upper floor near spectator seating (for the competition pool). Since it was just D and me, we just went ahead to the women’s locker room for ease. It was equipped with a diaper changing station where I could change him in and out of his suit. Like all pools we have visited, I definitely found his umbrella stroller helpful in containing him while I changed and moving him through the building.

It was free for D to get in (infants under 2 are free) but I cost $6.50 for a one time visit. Not going to say whether grandma was a senior rate or not! She might read this blog!

Triangle Aquatics Center

275 Convention Drive
Cary, North Carolina 27511


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