Carrboro Day

So many options this weekend, but we went with the small, easy (and free) event: Carrboro Day. Why battle traffic and parking when there is Carrboro Day?

I personally love this event. It is very small, and you probably can’t pass too much time here, but it is a celebration of community that rarely happens anymore. Kids run around in a safe environment while the crowds gather under the old shade tree in front of Town Hall to listen to music.

C and I watched the Carrboro High School football team lead kids in games and activities. The kids were squealing in laughter as they ran under the parachute.

We then made our way over to the main stage. Bands rotated in and out all day, with constant music from local musicians, but we were fortunate enough to catch the Carrboro High School Jazz Ensemble. This was so fun. It made me nostalgic for my brief (yet illustrious, I assure you) 5th grade band experience, yet also made me look forward to C’s awkward high school years where I will sit outside and video tape his band.

The Carrboro Fire Department had a big fire truck out that kids could climb in and on. And the police had some cars out as well. There was also a used book and VHS sale, and many booths with information about the area and local organizations. They were even giving out free flu shots. Concessions are for sale. There are balloon animals for kids, and even a small sandbox.

There were a few families camped out at Carrboro Day, with folding chairs and big picnic blankets. C and I only stayed for about an hour. But with free parking in one of the many town municipal lots and a small crowd, it was worth it.

Carrboro Day
First Sunday in May

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