Foster’s Market

If you live in the Triangle, then I am sure you know about Foster’s Market. Around since 1990, Sara Foster and her little market in Durham have gained national attention, with cookbooks and foods and the brand going all over the country. Good news for us that we have not 1, but 2 Foster’s Markets in our backyard.

C and I more frequently dine at the Foster’s in Chapel Hill, of course. Located on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, by Flyleaf Books, seating is usually crowded, but the menu is the same as the original location.

The original location is in Durham, off of the 15/501 Business Route, otherwise known as Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard. This place has more seating than meets the eye. A lot of it is outdoors, but it is covered. You have to be careful with the outdoor seating, though, since some of it can get awfully close to a major highway, should your child decide to run free.

They do have some high chairs, and there are always other families eating here when C and I go (at both locations). With a walk-up counter, it is easy and not too expensive.

The food at Foster’s is delicious, well-deserving of it’s fame. You can have sandwiches, soups, vegetarian plates….but definitely save room for the baked goods which, in my opinion, are the best part!

Don’t forget, either, that Foster’s has a meal plan called Family Dinners. At the beginning of the week, you call Foster’s and they provide you meals for five days. As they say, all you have to do is “Reheat & Eat.” Click here for pricing and details: This is a great option for busy families.

The Foster’s in Durham offers live music in the summer as well. Hosted outdoors from 5-8 pm, drink specials are offered. The Foster’s in Chapel Hill doesn’t have the space for that, but they do offer special wine tastings and wine specials every Thursday from 5:30 – 8 pm.

Again, I know you parents out there probably already know about Foster’s. This is just your friendly reminder not to forget it as a place to eat with the kids when you are out and about.

Foster’s Market

Chapel Hill Location
750 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

7:30am-8:00pm Daily

Durham Location
2694 Durham-CH Blvd
7:30am-8:00pm Daily


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