Homestead Park – Chapel Hill

We’ve already talked about the Homestead Aquatics Center (beautiful!), but let’s chat about the Park this Center is in.

Homestead Park is brewing with activity this time of year as it is used a lot for Chapel Hill organized recreational sports. That means you will find pavilions and restrooms here. Plenty of parking, too. From the parking lot, you have to walk a little on the paths to access the full park. The path is paved and makes a loop, so it doesn’t matter which way you go.

Buried back in the wooded area a little ways is the play gym. The equipment isn’t nearly as new as the Aquatics Center. But I love it’s nickname; the “Dinosaur Park” because of the double slide that comes out of a purple dinosaur’s (no, not Barney’s (trademark)) mouth. The shade is limited despite it being in the woods. And it isn’t the biggest playground we’ve seen yet, but it is the most colorful! They have bucket seat swings, too. The ground is combined synthetic cover and mulch.
Homestead Park also offers some other great and unique amenities like the skate park and the batting cages . These are fantastic activity opportunities for older kids (and adults!) so check out the details here on hours, prices, and rules. Homestead Park also hosts one of Chapel Hill’s dog parks. C had a great time checking out the doggies for a good chunk of time. Built in entertainment!

By the way, if the parking lot gets too crowded here, it is apparently okay to park at the church on any day but Sunday.

List of amenities:

  • restrooms (closed in winter)
  • skate park
  • picnic shelter
  • batting cages
  • ball fields
  • playground
  • dog park

Homestead Park in Chapel Hill
100 Northern Park Drive (off of Homestead Road)
Chapel Hill

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