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A fantastic write up from Sarah C. today about the ever-popular Kids Together Playground. 

Kids Together Playground is an accessible playground divided into 3 main play areas – preschool age; school age: sensory/discovery; and school age: active/climb & slide. Kids Together Park - Cary: KATAL DragonThere is also an open grassy space with a dragon sculpture to climb and plenty of swings. The shelter by the entrance features picnic tables (more are tucked into the trees near the back of the playground) and restrooms. Diaper changing stations are located in the accessible stalls. Just a counter top, but it’s spacious and gets the job done.

D and I walked around the entire playground to get an idea of what it had to offer. The fact that it’s designed to allow wheelchair access made it very easy to push him around in his little umbrella stroller – even up onto play structures!Kids Together Park - Cary: Map

Initially I thought we would end up playing in the preschool age area, but quickly changed my mind. It’s mostly a large sandbox and was crowded with kids. They all appeared to be having a great time, but it didn’t really make for a good spot for us.

Instead, we headed to the Climb & Play section where he could easily crawl through a tunnel (one of his favorite things to do at playgrounds). Then I lifted him up onto one of the raised platforms, climbed up myself and we walked around exploring it. D can not walk freely just yet and needs a pair of hands to hold onto for balance. Another plus of the accessibility of this park – the structure had wide platforms with ramps down making it easy for us to move around.Kids Together Park - Cary: Playground

After we tired of that area (ok, my back tired of me bending over to help him walk!), we went to the Discovery section. At the base of the play structure is a small platform with a couple of sloped tunnels (think small slides … perfect for my 10 month old) and some interactive parts (cylinders to spin, gears and steering wheels to turn). This, along with an 18 month old boy also playing in the same area, made for lots of fun. My biggest struggle was keeping the mulch out of D’s mouth! But I think that was probably easier than keeping sand out if we had tried the first play area.

Kids Together Playground at Marla Dorrel Park – Cary
111 Thurston Drive http://www.kidstogethercary.org
View Fantastic Map here:

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