This place takes popsicle to a whole new level! And it is great for the end of a sunny, hot day spent enjoying the town.

Locopops started as a Durham instution, but has been so popular it has quickly spread to many locations in the Triangle. The idea of the place is simple: popsicles in all sorts of flavors. When you walk into a shop, you see a big board with the flavors available. There are many, so they try to help you out by dividing them between water-based (like mojitos) and cream-based ones (like cookies n cream). Then if that wasn’t enough to make your decision hard, they also have guest stars that change every week (like chocolate lavendar). My head spins with possibilities when I am in there!

This place is a huge hit with kids. Remember how exciting it was to get ice cream as a kid? Well imagine being given a huge counter full of all kinds of flavors– and they come on a stick to boot. As a parent, I love that popsicles can be slightly healthier than rich ice cream. I love that the portion sizes are smaller. But, of course, they are just a flat out mess. Part of the fun. C loved sharing a popsicle with me because of the mess, I am sure.

Each store has different seating options. There is usually room enough to lick your popsicle to the end, but you are probably not going to want to hang out for hours. Parking is going to vary based on location as well. Durham location parking is okay, and I can also say that there is very easy parking at the Elliot Road location.


In Chapel Hill
231 S. Elliot Road
128 E. Franklin Street (CLOSED)

In Durham
2600 Hillsborough Road

In Raleigh
1908 Hillsborough Street

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