The Diapering Doula in Morrisville

A great post from Sarah C. today. I will be bringing you more posts personally later, as well, but I am suddenly feeling the urge to shop:

I believe in mothers doing what works best for their babies and themselves and love that we have so many options these days from feeding to diapering and everything in between.I personally am a breastfeeding, baby-food-making, disposable-diaper-loving mommy.But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect those that choose otherwise.

On a recent afternoon, D and I stopped by The Diapering Doula in Morrisville to take a peek and see what’s inside.It’s a cute little shop tucked off one of the access ways between buildings at Grace Park.This can make finding it and entering a bit tricky particularly if you are bringing your baby in a stroller.The most direct access is from the rear of the building, but please note that parking spaces there require residential permits.Public parking is available at the front of the building only.There is a straight sidewalk path from the public parking to the shop, but it includes a few steps.To smoothly cruise your stroller, either walk around the 4000 building or use the sidewalk between the 5000 and 6000 buildings.

Once you find your way into the shop, you will see that it offers a bit beyond cloth diapers and doula services.Other items include wraps & slings, breastpump rentals, nursing covers, and unique items such as the TummyTub.The owner, Karissa, is a DONA certified birth doula and very friendly.One of the things I loved was her emphasis on being eco-friendly and supporting women owned businesses.

The shop hosts several weekly events including a New Moms Group and Knit & Nurse as well as tutorials and special classes.Details are listed in the “events” section on the website.

And, as an obsessed diaper changing station locater wherever I venture in the Triangle, I can’t possibly do this review justice without sharing a photo of the one at The Diapering Doula. Don’t tell D, but it might be nicer than the one in his nursery.

Diapering Doula – Morrisville
4109 Grace Park Drive

(919) 651-9802


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