Orange County SportsPlex

Updated June 2015: Triangle SportsPlex is now Orange County SportsPlex.

Getting the taste of summer weather we had last week, I had been craving some pool time. But, of course, Mother Nature isn’t ready to open the outdoor pools yet. So I decided to take C to the Triangle SportsPlex in Hillsborough. I know there are other indoor pools in the area (we’ve blogged about some of them), but I was particularly drawn to this one because they have an indoor baby pool.¬†First thing, the SportsPlex was very easy to find. Directions are listed on their website but there are also signs along your drive that say “Sports Center” that help you find it. And it’s not that hard. Two turns off of NC-86.

Second thing, this place is huge! They even have an ice skating rink! I had no idea this was here, but it is fabulous. Available year-round, they have open skate hours and also host birthday parties. C is definitely not ready to hit the ice yet and I didn’t see any stroller skate on their schedules. Too bad.

Third thing, the pool here was great. Correction: pools. There are three. There is a lap pool for people who really came to swim, there is a recreation pool for classes and open swim, and there is a baby pool. The recreation pool has steps for entry on one side, but also a ramp to gradually ease in on another. I thought the water was a little chilly, but I think that was just me being a whimp. Obviously, these facilities are not as new and shiny as the Homestead Aquatic Center, but I still enjoyed this place.

Mostly because the baby pool was great. Fenced in, very shallow, and very warm. They have chairs available for parents to sit and monitor activity, too. C had a great time in this little pool.

There wasn’t a lifeguard on duty when we went, but it was off-season on a weekday morning. There were staff available on-site, though, and an emergency phone.

Also, note that there is a Family Changing Room off of the pool. The SporstPlex requires that children over 3 not use the locker room of the opposite gender, but offer the Family Changing Room if they can not be attended by an adult. However, that Family Changing Room really is just a changing room. There is a Koala Bear changing station, a sink, and some benches. No toilet and no shower. I found the locker room worked better for us, and hopefully your 3+ year old of the opposite gender can use the toilet successfully unattended.

The SportsPlex also has group fitness classes, a nursery, after-school activities (called KidsPlex), and summer camps for kids. This is a place to get it all — including shakes and food at the indoor concessions stand.

Admission prices depend on the activity you are going for. For swimming, adults are $4.25, kids 12 & under are $3.25, and children under 3 are free. Ice skating is slightly more at $6 for adults and $5 for children 12 & under. Monthly and annual passes are available, see the website. Also, check out the online schedules before you go since they do offer both skate and swim classes, and host ice hockey teams and swim meets (in fact, it looks like the Sportsplex has been home to some award-winning teams). So times open to the public are dependent on activities, but listed on the website.

And it’s only in Hillsborough, it’s not that far!

Orange County Sportsplex
101 Meadowlands Drive
Hillsborough, NC

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