Cary Towne Center : The Play Area

** Updated 4/4/12 – the play area has been removed. The carousel and ‘quarter’ (really 75 cents to $1) rides are still there. Carousel price has increased to $2. **

Some information today from Sarah C. It is great to have play areas where I can shop, too!

Cary Towne Center has a play area for kids located just outside of Sears. It is nicely walled in with only one entrance and a padded floor. There are cushy benches throughout so mom and dad can relax while the kids burn energy. It is smaller than those at other area malls. Inside are a slide/tunnel designed to look like a beehive (note: the slide is very steep– not good for younger children), a news desk complete with a TV and mounted camera so children can see themselves giving the news, and a tower of stacked blocks to spin.

Just outside of the play area are vehicle kids can “ride” with a few quarters (or a bit of imagination) and the highlight of it all: a carousel. Tickets for the carousel are $2.00 each. Parents can accompany a child under 44 inches for free.

Cary Towne Center
1105 Walnut Street

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1 comment for “Cary Towne Center : The Play Area

  1. October 17, 2012 at 12:17 am

    Is the play area still gone? we’re headed out there this weekend. My 14 year old just wanted cash and to go to the mall for her bday and i’ll be stuck there with my 6 year old in tow…. was hoping they had a *free* play area for him to enjoy… i dont mind paying for a couple of rides but that certainly won’t take as long as my daughter and her friend intend to spend there LOLOL

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