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Updated 11/16/2010- the Apex location suddenly shut it’s doors. But the Brier Creek location continues.

We’ve chatted a little bit (ok, really, a lot) on haircuts. My friend, Dani, does the best haircuts I know of, but in a moment of pre-Memorial Day weekend craziness where I realized that C could not be presented to family later that day without some sort of trim up, I stopped in on a whim to Snip-Its in Apex.

Like Peek-a-Doo, this is a hair salon that caters exclusively to kids. And this place is nuts. In order to keep the kids occupied, there are things that jingle and jangle, and tvs at each station with a special video of a singing pair of cartoon scissors. There are bubble machines and toys and pictures. Bright colors everywhere. Nuts.
But it worked. C sat, confused by it all I think, as the staff entertained him and the singing scissors convinced him how fun it was to get a snip-snip.

The chairs that they had him in were true hair cut chairs with a booster seat insert, so no squirming out of this one. The staff was very, very nice and sweet. I didn’t love the haircut that C received (a little too short and a little crooked in the front), but the hairdresser was good to him and she was working with a wiggly participant.

At the end of the cut, C got a card to stick into a slot in a machine, and received a prize. He also got a sticker. So he was a happy camper.

The price on Snip-Its was comparable to Peek-a-Doo. The regular cut, with tip, was $20ish. They let me snap pictures to my heart’s content. If you are interested, though, they offer a professional “First Haircut Package” where they take photos and provide you with a lock of hair to keep.

This place is more than a hair cuttery, though, and offers spa services for kids: nails, make up, pre-recital hair, make up, hair wraps, and more.

Snip-Its also does party packages. Beyond a hair salon, the parties are one of three themes: Hollywood (think dress up and paparazzi), Style-A-Doll where each party-goer gets her own doll to work on, and Glamour (each girl is dolled up with hair, nails and make up and then put on a catwalk). Cute ideas if they fit your little girl’s (or boy’s) style. They provide food and drink.

Snip-Its in Apex is currently running all sorts of specials available on the location’s website. Check for coupons online before you go (unless you are like me and didn’t plan ahead at all, in which case they do drop-ins. We didn’t have to wait at all).

There is also a location in Raleigh at Brier Creek.

Snip-Its in Apex
Beaver Creek Crossings – Shopping Center
Junction of Hwy 55 and US 64
2013 Creekside Landing Drive
Apex, NC 27502
(919) 387-7844

Snip-Its in Raleigh
Located in Brier Creek Commons, near Barnes & Noble and across from UNO Chicago Grille
8411 Brier Creek Parkway Suite
103 Building 20
Raleigh, NC 27617

(919) 484-9292

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