Southern Village Pool

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a pool party by some of our friends the other day, and got to enjoy the Southern Village pool. I’ve blogged about Southern Village before, and you all know I really love it. So I was more than happy to spend time with C and DH (“Darling Husband”) at their pool.

It was a gorgeous pool day, and the water at Southern Village Pool was perfect. But boy this felt crowded. I know I haven’t done too many turns at public pools lately, and this was one of the first pool-worthy Sunday afternoons we have had in 2010, but there were a lot of folks out at a 4:30 on a Sunday.

That said, it was a lot of fun. Southern Village Pool was very clean, the water the perfect temperature, the lifeguards “on,” and the clubhouse facilities were large and sparkling. There is a 2-feet-depth area roped off on one side of the pool. Steps access the water with hand rails.

Unfortunately, you have to have an ‘in’ to get into this pool. You either have to buy a membership, or come accompanied by a member (which is only $6 for a day pass). Membership is assessed on an annual basis and is $750 for a family, $625 for a couple, and $525 for a single membership. You do not have to be a resident of Southern Village community to join the club. Membership not only gets you access to the pool, but also access to the tennis courts and various events. Unfortunately, clubhouse rentals, camps, and special programs cost extra, but you do get a discount if you are a member.

The location of this pool is very convenient to many Chapel Hill families, and, again, very clean. I felt very fortunate to have such friends invite us in! We had a really good time.

Southern Village Club Pool
601 Brookgreen Drive
Chapel Hill, NC


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