Urban Park- Cary

Our Park Extraordinaire, Sarah C., brings you another find!
Urban Park is tucked into a small wooded area off of Chatham Street just east of downtown Cary. I’ve driven past many times over the years, but never stopped. On a recent sunny day, D and I ventured out to take a peek and see what it had to offer.The park features a basketball court, playground, and a few picnic tables. I thought the playground had older, wooden structures and was surprised to find a nice rubber play surface, 2 newer play structures, a sandbox and 4 swings (2 standard and 2 buckets for small children).

The highlight of this park is that D and I had the entire place to ourselves. No worries about bigger kids trampling us to get past. We could walk, crawl, slide and climb to our heart’s content. The downside (at least for early afternoon) was the sun. The play structure for the older kids had some shade from nearby trees, but the smaller one did not and was quite hot. Keep this in mind and the fact that there are no restroom facilities when you plan your visit. Nonetheless, we had fun and will definitely visit again soon.

Urban Park in Cary
414 E. Chatham Street

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