Durham Main Library & Storytime (Little Minnows)

This past week C and I wanted something indoors to do on a Monday. It didn’t seem like there were a lot of options, but enter storytime for toddlers at the Durham Main Library. This was so fun!

Due to C‘s age, we tried out the Little Minnows Lapsit storytime for infants to 23 months on Monday morning at 10:30. I personally feel as though, with the multiple branches they have, the Durham County Library system does a great job of offering a lot of storytimes. This means that the ages are divided into smaller subsections and the sessions are more enjoyable since it is so catered.

For example, the storytime for C‘s age was well-tailored to this age. Instead of one person sitting and reading books, the people leading the storytime just told stories ad lib most of the time using visual aids. The one book they did read was a great fit for the age group. And they mixed in a lot of songs with clapping and instruments. Each storytime has a theme. The theme the Monday we went was about the sun, the heat, and hoping for rain. Very apropos.

I have to admit I had my doubts at the beginning since it seemed awkward at first, but boy if the kids didn’t love the gentleman leading the storytime! C really responded to him, and there were a bunch of kids up and dancing. The leader did really great with the kids, even though I could tell, as an adult, that he didn’t know the songs. Turns out that doesn’t matter to kids this age. What does matter is enthusiasm, which he had in spades.

This was really well attended, too, which made for great energy and social time.

The website for Durham County Libraries lists all events offered, see link below. The website can be a little overwhelming, I think, since they offer so much stuff. I have found it best to narrow it down by days and locations that work. It may say that pre-registration is required. We didn’t register in advance (I have commitment issues) and had no problems whatsoever. They didn’t even ask.

C really responded to this storytime, and I loved how perfect it was for his age. I can’t wait to try out other Durham County Library storytimes when he gets older. If you have been to any of the other storytimes at the Main Library, for the different ages, let me know. I would love to hear your review!

Beyond the storytime, the Durham Main Library is a great place for kids to hang out. After storytime was completed, the majority of kids migrated out of the special story room (which was equipped with cushions and bells and mats) to the kids library. The part of the library for toddlers had toddler-appropriate toys set up. C continued to play with his new friends from storytime here. There were puzzles, kid tables and, of course, books!

Although I have to be honest and say that C seemed to get the most pleasure out of crawling through some library shelves that were empty– from one aisle to another. Wherever the pleasure was, we had a great time at the Durham Library and the storytime for C’s age.

Durham’s Main Library
Little Minnows Lapsit Storytime



Full calendar of all events, click here
300 North Roxboro Street


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