Lake Johnson Pool and Sprayground

Another reader tip that was great! On a hot day, our mommies group was looking for something to do. Our Forest Hills Sprayground trip was successful, so when we were told that Lake Johnson Sprayground was even bigger and better, we headed out there. And that reader was right. This was a great trip for us! There are many places to play, and this pool caters to kids of all ages.

Lake Johnson has a large main pool with lanes for laps and a free swim area (with lifeguards). Even though there were a good number of people in there, it didn’t seem crowded.

There is also a baby pool with a spray shower. This baby pool is mostly 10 inches deep, but does get to 18 inches in some areas. This was a very large baby pool. And the shower was a fun addition for play and interest. It is fenced in, and there is a separate lifeguard on duty for the baby pool. Also, don’t forget to bring toys with you for the pool. The water toys that some smart parent had brought with them were insanely popular.

The real reason to drive out to Lake Johnson park? The sprayground. This thing was huge and so much fun for kids of all ages! It was fenced in as well, which is great for toddlers who, well, toddle. There are sprays of all sizes, hoses to move around, and a shower. Warning: there is also a feature in the middle with huge buckets way up in the air. When these buckets fill up they dump significant water on the kiddos below. Some kids love this, some kids hate it. But the good news is that as an adult, you can anticipate it. The sprayground is also guarded by a lifeguard. He also helps you keep the water running as it is turned on by a movement sensor.

As a nice addition the entire pool has easy-up tents all around. There are a few in the baby pool area as well, which it is great if you can commandeer one of these. You can picnic here at the pool and are allowed to bring in coolers, provided that you don’t bring in any glass. No snack bar but they do have limited vending.

The locker rooms are great here with changing tables, pay lockers, showers, and clean stalls.

Life preservers are available on premises.

There is an admission fee to get in. Click here for a full list of rates. It depends on whether you are a Raleigh resident or not, but for us Chapel Hill-ians who went, it was $6 per adult and kids were $2 (ages 1 – 12).

Just a warning that this was difficult for us to find. The signage wasn’t that great. Just go to the back. Keep driving down the road that turns off of Athens, and you will eventually get there.

Lake Johnson Pool
All Raleigh Pools, click here.
1416 Athens Drive

Public Open Swim
M-F 12p-8p
Sat 10a-7p
Sun 1p-6p

Adult Lap Swim
M-F 8a-8p
Sat 9a-7p

Wading Pools
M-F 9a-8p
Sat 10a-7p
Sun 1p-6p

M-F 9a-8p
Sat 10a-7p
Sun 1p-6p

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