Magic Kids Care

** Updated: Magic Kids Care is no longer open. **

As Southpoint has Green Kids drop in child care, Crabtree Valley Mall has the brand-new Magic Kids Care. With it’s grand opening celebration occurring at the end of May, I have fingers crossed that this place makes it. It is a great idea.

Magic Kids Care is located on the upper level of Crabtree Valley Mall. You check your child in to play and then head out to shop, dine or whatever else suits your fancy.

Magic Kids accepts children ages 1 (do not have to be walking) through age 10. They are open from 9:30 am – 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday (late enough to have a dinner date with your honey) and then 11:30 am – 7:00 pm on Sundays.

The first hour is $10, each hour after that is $5. The maximum stay is 4 hours. If you have 2 kids staying at Magic Kids, it is $15 the first hour, each hour after that is $5 per child per hour. If you have 3 kids staying, it is $21 the first hour, each hour after that is $5 per child per hour.

You are free to bring food and they will feed your child, but they do not provide food.

This place was not nearly as fancy as Green Kids, but it was very clean and looked fun. It was a very large space with a lot of entertainment for kids. For younger kids there is a play mat, books, and other age-appropriate toys. On the other side of the room there is a Wii and a bounce for older kids. Magic Kids is also planning on offering Spanish classes but details on that are to be revealed at a later date.

I am not sure I would leave my child here for too terribly long as it doesn’t have seem to have the same personal service Green Kids has, but to walk a couple of stores away for a little while so that I could shop easier and/or eat at Cheesecake Factory for a datenight? Absolutely. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about this place until after C and I have completed our errands. But holiday shopping is right around the corner (believe it or not) so this something to know about, parents!

Magic Kids Care
Crabtree Valley Mall
between Hudson’s Belk’s and Merle Norman on the Upper Level
(no website)

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