Nordstrom Lounge

One of the best known secrets for moms, especially nursing moms, is the women’s lounge at Nordstrom at Southpoint. Out running errands, out shopping, and need to nurse or need to change your child? Head to Nordstrom’s women’s restrooms.

Nordstrom has two women’s lounges, one on each floor. Which is even better if you are pushing a stroller and don’t want to maneuver an elevator. Floor 1 has the lounge near the mall entrance by Fayetteville Road (the kids area). Floor 2 has the lounge near the customer service area.

Each lounge has a changing table. In fact, Floor 1 has a large, oversized, padded changing table. But the real beauty of these rooms are the comfortable couches, chairs, and relative quiet. Not that you should ever be ashamed to nurse in public, but I was not very graceful at it so I appreciated a quieter spot to attend to C‘s needs.Now we still head there if he needs a “costume change” because of how spacious and clean these lounges are.

Nordstrom also has a Family Restroom on the First Floor. This is nice, as well, but no comfy chairs here. It is simply a very large bathroom with a Koala care changing table in it.

If anyone from Nordstrom is out there, big thanks from MiCHill and other Triangle area mommies for providing such a wonderful spot for us.

Nordstrom Women’s Lounges
The Streets at Southpoint
6910 Fayetteville Road

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  1. August 29, 2010 at 1:47 pm

    I love that you posted about this! I have certainly utilized this space in the past as well. I would also like to commend Southpoint Mall for having great family bathrooms complete with little sink and little toilet. Perfect for potty transitioners.

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