Ox & Rabbit: Soda & Sundries

How did I not know about this store before?! This is a fantastic store located on Ninth street in Durham. This place is popping with trendy designer-licious goodness as well as ice cream treats!

So what does “Soda & Sundries” mean, exactly?

The Sundries are cute gift items and otherwise fun boutique-style shopping. There is an entire area dedicated to kids. There are some great books here, very cute clothes, nursery bedding, bento boxes, nursery decor, and more. Ox & Rabbit carries Dwell studio bedding and clothes, too. Even though I left with just 1 book (I have really been digging on Amy Rosenthal lately), I could have bought up all of the goods in this store.

The Soda part means shakes & floats. There is an entire bar at the front of the store that has malts, shakes, sodas, and floats. We opted for the shakes and while the menu isn’t too long, the flavors are exotic. S’Rich had Lavender Vanilla, I had a Mexican Vanilla, and Sarah C. had a Truffle Chocolate. Yum.

The kids may not have appreciated the gourmet flavors, but they were definitely in love with the red round spinning chairs under the bar. Perfectly kid-sized, these chairs were a hit and kept the kids occupied while I dreamt of redoing the nursery.

Ox and Rabbit Soda and Sundries
Facebook Page

732 Ninth Street


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