Babies R Us Nursing Lounge

It’s a bonus post for you! We at MiCHill don’t normally post on Saturdays but since we had so many wonderful readers contact us, in response to the Nordstrom Lounge post, about the Babies R Us Nursing Lounge, we are slipping this one in! Surprise!

Located near the bathrooms at Babies R Us (pass the bedding sets, if you can tear yourself away, for me they are a black hole), there is a separate room that is a Mother’s Lounge. It has a large changing table (no changing pad) and there have been wipes and some diapers in the cabinets when I have been in the past. In addition to the sweet glider that you see in the photo, there is also a small couch in this room.

This is a great stop if you need to nurse or change your child. There is plenty of room, and it is very comfortable. Obviously this is set up with a mom in mind.

You may have to share this spot with another mom or kid or two, but it is a mothers-only place so I haven’t ever experienced awkwardness. Also, with Babies R Us, so many people come to browse that even if you don’t plan on buying anything you can still sneak in and use the lounge. Of course, if you can pass those cute outfits without buying one, you need to give me a tutorial.

In summary, based on your responses and comments as well as MiCHill’s experience, this is simply a great resource to know about!

Babies R Us Nursing Lounge
Babies R Us near Southpoint Mall
7001 Fayetteville Road

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  1. August 11, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    I find the BRU nursing lounge so dirty and gross. Buy Buy Baby’s nursing lounge is so much nicer and therefore I try to spend my money there, if I can.

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