LEGO Store

As a Mom in Chapel Hill I don’t often make it out to Raleigh. But when I went to Crabtree Valley Mall the other week for a brief stop, C and I made our way in to the LEGO store.

The LEGO store is loud, bright, full of things to look at, and otherwise perfect for indoor entertainment for kids. C is still too young to really appreciate LEGOs, or create anything to speak of out of them, but he loved watching the other kids, having mommy help him, and seeing all of the finalized products. I did have visions of spending hours in this store in upcoming years… And it also brought back memories of my own childhood play…

There are a couple of stations in the store for active, hands-on play. There are LEGOs in buckets and you get to build what you want. They even have all the little people-parts at one of the stations.

There are computers available. These computers are stations where you can work on LEGO designs.

There are fun facts and LEGO history lessons located around the store.

The first Tuesday of every month LEGO stores host a Mini Model Build workshop. You bring your child in, and the LEGO staff teaches you how to build something (September’s project is a boy with a backpack) and you get to take it home with you. The best part: it’s free! The session starts at 5 pm and they do run out of supplies, so get there on time. This is only open to children ages 6 to 14, though.

But this brings me to the point that yes, LEGOs are small. So if your child is still in the “must taste test everything I see” phase this might not be the right stop for you.

The LEGO store does birthday parties. They aren’t cheap, but they look fun.

So on a rainy day, or the next time you are out running errands, swing by the LEGO store and let your kids get creative. Or maybe you decide that you want to drop your kids off at Magic Kids so that you can play with LEGOs alone for as long as you want… hey, we’re not judging.

LEGO Store- Raleigh
Crabtree Valley Mall
4325 Glenwood Avenue

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