This is how all family dining should be. Cheap, fresh, healthy, and kid-friendly.

Souper!Salad is a very large and well-stocked (MEGA) salad bar. There are a lot of choices on this bar. Well, really, bars. There is a hot bar in addition to the salad bar that has some pizzas, baked potatoes, and other goodies on it.

It is cheap, too. Kids under 3 eat free, kids 4 -10 are $3.49 (99 cents for a kids’ beverage), and adults are $6.79 for the buffet. This is an all-you-can-eat place, and I certainly took advantage of going back as many times as I could. The food was high quality.

We loved Souper!Salad when we went because they obviously think of families. Ok, so, yeah, there is a changing table in the restroom. But there is more than that here. The high chairs roll. Which means that you put your child in the high chair and easily maneuver them through the buffet line with you. So you are almost hands free while you work the bar. Brilliant!

On the bar, there are a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables and other salad options for parents, but things are in bite-sized pieces for kids. The bar even has goldfish on it! There is mac & cheese on the hot bar! (And for kids of all ages there is a soft serve ice cream machine.)

No special designated play-place here, but when the dining itself is the experience it works.

The place is large inside, and the staff was very friendly. So get on in there, load your kids’ plate up with all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, and let them enjoy. For this price point, it really doesn’t matter how much food your toddler throws on the floor. Just pick it up before you leave because that waitstaff is sweet.

Souper!Salad has take-out options.
Sundays are Kids Day and kids eat even cheaper.

202 W Nc Highway 54
Durham, NC27713

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