Fred Fletcher Park

From Sarah C. We are all about the parks right now since it is the season (well, one of them, spring gets us pretty excited, too!):

Fall and spring are by far my favorite seasons for getting out and about here in North Carolina. Usually not too hot or too cold. While running errands in Raleigh, D & I took advantage of some of that beautiful weather to visit Fletcher Park.

The park is nestled between St. Mary’s Street and Glenwood Avenue a few blocks northwest of the ComedyWorx building where you can see Kazoom Puppets. It would make a great follow to the show for a picnic lunch and leg stretching/energy burning.

The playground is a bit small featuring only swings and sandbox with digging toys and teeter totters. There are basketball and tennis courts as well as a ballfield. The true attraction here is the vast amount of green space (plenty of areas for the kids to run) including the amphitheater and the water garden.

The water garden was completed in 2008 and, depending upon the age of your child, could be a great educational experience. The garden naturally cleans polluted stormwater helping to improve our water quality. There is a marker on the deck overlook near the Redbird sculpture that explains the process and you can walk along the paths for a closer view. Of course, keep younger children strapped securely in their strollers or have a solid hold on their hands to be sure they don’t try to explore the pools of water too closely.

A fun tidbit – if you time your visit right you might catch Broughton High School’s band practicing. From personal experience hearing them, they are quite good and they should be – they’ll be performing in the 2012 Tournament of Roses Parade (the 2nd time in 4 years which is a huge honor). Younger kids might really enjoy the closeness of seeing and hearing them especially outside of the traditional crowded parade setting.

Fred Fletcher Park
Water Garden & Wetland Information
802 Clay St

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