Green Level Gourd Farm (October Festival + more)

** Update: Green Level Gourd Farm has closed. **

Green Level Gourd Farm had been on our to do list for awhile. But it was too hot for a very long time and we wanted to wait until the pumpkin, the ultimate gourd, was ready to be celebrated. So this past week Sarah C. and I took the boys to Green Level Gourd Farm. They are having their October Festival, so now is a great time to go!

Once we found this place we had a blast (use the directions off their website, I used Mapquest and it was awful. So many streets in the area have similar if not the same name and it is confuses these fancy computer programs and GPSs).

Green Level Gourd Farm caters to toddlers. Older children are certainly welcome, but this family farm located in Apex really makes this toddler heaven.

During the October Festival the farm itself is free to get into. They do charge for certain activities, but the prices are cheap and you can pick what you want to pay for. April – September there is a fee for admission that is around $4-6 dollars per person, but this includes some activities.

The farm isn’t huge. But they have a very large, creative, and different playground. I say different since it has things like large black tubes decorated to look like spiders, tire swings that look like horses, a sandbox with fake flowers for planting, ceramic animals, bean bag tosses, and much more.

There are some animals on this farm: chickens, horses, a whole lotta rabbits (the owner said that was an oops as they thought they had started with 2 male rabbits), and some goats. You can’t touch any of these animals, but they make for good watching. The best watching, though, were the little Hallmark light up and dance Halloween characters that the very sweet owner of the farm kept engaging to entertain our boys. There are so many hidden surprises here.

There are donkey rides available. In October, donkey rides cost $3 per ride. There is one small donkey and one very tall donkey, so you can pick which one your child will ride. The donkey is lead on a leash around a very small circle. This was a lot of fun for C. And when we went, there wasn’t a line at all to ride.

You can buy a pumpkin here. Once you buy it, they have a little tent set up where you can decorate your pumpkin with paints and other supplies for free. You can also buy other sorts of gourd crafts.

There is a small, toddler sized corn maze. It was a bad year for corn (way too dry) so it doesn’t look great, but they still managed to get a maze out of it. Our boys had fun through here as there were little Halloween decorations planted in hidden spots for them to discover. As mommies, we loved that they could roam yet be contained (can I build one of these in my backyard?).

Hayrides are available. Right now they say that they are only on the weekends, but this family seems so flexible that I bet you could cajole them into taking you if they have enough hands on deck. Hayrides cost $4 per person.

Face painting is also available at “$2 per cheek”(I love that phrase!).

Lots of picnic benches here if you want to pack a lunch. They do sell some concessions, but mostly candy. Restroom facilities are port-a-johns, which means no changing table, but they are the Ultimate Port-a-Johns in that they actually flush! You have to see it to believe it.

Green Level Gourd Farm is a great little stop for your kids any time of year, but we loved the homey feel of their fall festivities. Extended hours in October, limited hours the rest of the year. Since this is a rather small farm, I can’t say how crowded it might get on the weekends, but given the reasonable price point, I would say it is still worth a stop.

Happy Gourding!

Green Level Gourd Farm

In October: Wednesdays through Sundays 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

In April to September: Thursdays and Fridays 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (may also include a puppet show or storytime)
3800 Green Level Road West

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