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I miss yoga. Something about having 15 minutes of laying there quietly in the dark with soothing music sounds sooooo good right about now. But if you are anything like me, getting out to work out is tough to do with a child. Enter Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts (HYHA).

I mentioned Paula Huffman blog-eons ago in the post about Yoga in the area. HYHA is her place, and she continues to cater to parents and families. (They even have a whole page dedicated to babies & families on their website that includes breastfeeding circles, prenatal yoga, child birthing classes, and more.) I missed out on newborn yoga, unfortunately. But since I have some friends who take it and love it, I was excited to try out the new Family Yoga. The Tuesday 1:30 time slot works so well for our schedule.

Well, the slot might be good but the class wasn’t a good fit for me and C. The recommended ages for this are 2 – 5, but they are pretty flexible on that. Although I would actually strongly suggest your child be on the higher end of the age spectrum. The instructor was fantastic, and fun, but this is about teaching your child to do yoga. Which means that they have to be able to understand things, control their bodies, and, oh, SIT STILL. C was more obsessed with the beautiful iPod docking system that was sitting on the floor than anything else. So lest he should destroy a very expensive piece of machinery, and to help the others in the class find their zen, we left early.

This is a really great service and a really fantastic class, though. Just make sure your child is ready to learn movement. They must be able to stay on a mat and follow directions. Every child is going to be ready for this at different ages (and I am wondering if C will ever be ready….hmmm….).

In the meantime, I am considering trying a Mom & Tots class (which they said is more like controlled chaos, and that sounds like us), but really think that I should just take advantage of the fact that they have childcare (yes, a yoga studio with childcare!), and go savasna on my own.

I love HYHA (and it isn’t far from Chapel Hill, I-85, or Carrboro) and can’t wait to try out their other offerings. It is a beautiful space with such a diverse schedule.

Hillsborough Yoga & Healing Arts
1812 Becketts Ridge Drive

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  1. Anonymous
    November 24, 2010 at 4:17 am

    There is also a Family Yoga class on Saturdays from 9-10am at HYHA. It’s also for 2-6 year olds and their parents, to have fun and play together! A great way to start your weekend together.

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