The Lollipop Shop

A note from Sarah C. (and this girl does have a sweet tooth, so I trust her judgment on these things!):

While at North Hills not too long ago for Open Play, D and I wandered around a bit and a very colorful sign caught my eye – The Lollipop Shop. My friends will tell you that I have a huge sweet tooth so, naturally, I had to peek inside. It did not disappoint – the store is full of delicious treats! Kids of all ages will enjoy a visit for a bit of sweetness, but there is more. The store also carries a small selection of toys including classic pedal cars (love those!) and teddy bears you can stuff. The latter can even be stuffed with candy. How fun is that?

Looking for a place to hold your child’s birthday party? The Lollipop Shop has a party room in the back. And they host a weekly storytime on Wednesday mornings at 10:15. If you’re in the North Hills area, drop in for a visit.

The Lollipop Shop
North Hills
4120 Main at North Hills Street
(919) 782-7788

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