The Swell Doll Shop

Sometimes I get these crazy thoughts that I need to get on the Kid 2 thing ASAP and it HAS to be a girl. These thoughts usually happen in places like The Swell Doll Shop.

This place is hidden in the building that houses Whole Foods in Chapel Hill. You have to go through a doorway into a mall-like area, and The Swell Doll Shop is there. This shop is crazy fun!Remember playing Barbies as a kid? Well, in here you can find those original Barbies and carrying cases and accessories as well as other dolls and dress up clothes and so many wonderful things! (They also carry some American Girl items, for those out there that are searching for such things.)

The Swell Doll Shop specializes in antique and vintage dolls. And you would think that that would be a really small, niche market but truly this place is packed to the gills. I wish I had better pictures, but you can see more on their website.

So what about all this made me get all crazy about having a little girl? They offer kid’s birthday parties!!! I totally Facebook-stalked them and saw the pictures, too, of a birthday they held and it is so cute! Unfortunately, C is the type of boy who is all about banging and smashing. But this little party looked divine. In fact, my birthday is coming up….who needs to wait 9 months….

The Swell Doll Shop
Facebook page
9 S. Elliott Road #7
Chapel Hill

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