NC Museum of History

From Sarah C.:

With DH off work on a recent weekday, the 3 of us were looking for something to do when he suggested the NC Museum of History.  We hadn’t been in several years and there are a lot of interesting things to see relating to North Carolina’s history.

With D‘s love of airplanes, there was the immediate “oooh” and pointing up high in the air at the replica of the Wright Brother’s plane and the hang glider above it as we entered the lobby.

My favorite section has always been the NC Sports Hall of Fame so we headed there.  I love seeing the displays of gear and trophies, reading about the inductees, watching the video clips from past events, etc.  I confess, on this particular visit, I had a chuckle realizing football jerseys once looked a lot like D‘s onesies but that’s another story.  This exhibit proved to be a great one for a toddler – there is a mock track in the middle of it, phones to pick up with buttons to push, televisions to watch (bits of cars driving around NC Nascar tracks or historical college basketball games), and LOTS of balls behind glass to point and babble at.

Near the front desk I noticed a kiosk with information about getting a backpack.  Intrigued, I looked closer and was excited to find the Museum has a “backpack” program for kids 3-5.  The packs can be checked out at the front desk and are filled with activities to make your visit interactive.  From one who found history boring as a kid (ok, I still do depending on the subject), this sounds like a lot of fun and good way to learn too!

The Museum has free admission with the exception of special temporary exhibits.  Check the website (listed below) for specific details about the current exhibits, downloadable podcasts to enhance your visit, educational materials (great for teachers & home schoolers), festivals, etc.  Also be sure to check out their program listing – lots of wonderful programs for all ages but some require advance registration (including a regular “Time for Tots” ages 3-5 on certain Tuesdays each month).

There are no food options in the building, but there are typically vendors at each end of the alleyway between the History and Natural Sciences museums as well as a cafe on the 4th floor of the Museum of Natural Sciences.

NC Museum of History
Families | Gallery Backpacks | For Kids Only | Programs

5 East Edenton Street  
Raleigh, NC

Mon- Sat 9 am – 5pm
Sun noon – 5pm

Directions & Parking Info –

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