I asked, and you delivered. I used our MiCHill social network to find the best places to sled in our area, and got some great answers. I am not sure this post will be that useful to you today as the snow is melting off fast and the sled hills are worn, but file it for future use.

The best place to sled in the Triangle is supposedly Bond Park in Cary. I haven’t been there to sled, but that is where most people seem to head when the runs are crisp. The News & Observer has some (ok, a lot of) pictures online of sledding in action there.

The second overall winner is Chapel Hill Community Center across from University Mall (pictured to the right). This is where C and I went. It is a great little hill. Steep enough to get a good run in but long. I also liked that the hill had multiple sides that were sled-worthy, some steeper than others which allowed me to find the appropriate run for C. And most sides of this hill end safely, which is the hardest thing to find in a sledding hill! Kids had built jumps and ramps over this hill.

(By the by, if you are looking for a saucer one mom told me that Rose’s at U-Mall has them for sale at $5 each.)

Another place to go is McDougle Middle School, again in Chapel Hill (pictured to the left). There were a lot of people using the hills around the track when we did a drive by. The hills are a little steeper but not as long. And, again, the ending seems safer than most.

I also saw some kids up at Carrboro Elementary School sledding but have to say it didn’t look nearly as rewarding as the other hills.

If you have other places to sled, send them to us here at MiCHill!

Bond Park
801 High House Road

Chapel Hill Community Center
120 South Estes Road
Chapel Hill

McDougle Middle School
900 Old Fayetteville Road
Chapel Hill

Carrboro Elementary School
400 Shelton Street

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  1. December 29, 2010 at 1:55 am

    Bond Park is AWESOME! But get there fast…as the snow goes fast with all of the sledders!

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