Bull City Gymnastics

I am on the prowl for gymnastics classes for C. We have loved Kindermusik in the past, but now that he is constantly on the move and “all boy” (meaning he likes to run into things at tremendous speeds), I wanted something mobile.

We’ve tried out Tumble Gym and Little Gym. Both were great, but I need to be thorough in my research. So to Bull City Gymnastics we went!

This was a fantastic experience. We did the Parent + Tot class. Bull City is a place that garners a lot of awards and trains kids to be fantastic gymnasts, so its reputation preceded it.

I can’t say that C or his buddies are ready to be competition level gymnasts, but they had a blast.

The lesson started with some songs and movement. From there, we moved on to different obstacle courses. We spent about 10 minutes at each different course. But this was loosely structured. So if your child wanted to go back and re-explore the first course, they were permitted.

The teacher was very sweet and lead the kids (or tried to lead the kids, it’s like herding cats) through exercises designed to promote different motor skills.

We ended with a parachute moment filled with songs and dancing on the parachute.

In all, this lesson wasn’t too dissimilar from other places we have tried out. But what separated Bull City for me were the facilities. There was so much equipment here, it was all in tip top shape, and there was a lot of space. There is even a visitor’s gallery where people can watch if they wish (think kids that are dragged to their sibling’s lesson).

Overall C and all the people in our mommies group really enjoyed this experience. Alas, the drive is a little too far for me personally to commit to every week, so the hunt continues…

Kids must be over 12 months to take a class at Bull City Gymnastics.

They have classes for adults who want to work out in a gymnast-sort of way, and they also have special events such as “Kids Nights Out.”

They do birthday parties and overnight parties (I was told that they get to sleep in the foam pit!).

Bull City Gymnastics
4502 Bennett Memorial Road

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3 comments for “Bull City Gymnastics

  1. Laura R
    January 7, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Check out Carolina Sport Art in Chapel Hill on Homestead Rd. I haven’t been there as a parent yet but took gymnastics there as a kid. It’s a “real” gymnastics place, like Bull City. My older son attended a week of summer camp at BC when he was 3 and loved it.

  2. January 7, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Trying that out on Tuesday (assuming things go according to plan). Excited about the potential there!

  3. Laura R
    January 9, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    I am actually waffling on trying the Sport Art class on Tuesday with D or BCG. Note that the schedule on the Sport Art website is out of date. I spoke with them on Friday and the only class on Tuesday is at 10:30. I really wish both of these classes were a little earlier in the AM. I like to drop off T and be able to head to something… can’t decide.

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