Kidstowne at Kelly Rd Park – Apex

From Sarah C.:

Visiting Kidstowne has been on my to-do list for quite some time now.  When a warm day popped up a few weeks ago, I loaded up our family and headed there.  It was so worth it even with the crowd which we expected given it was a weekend and the first warm, dry day in a while.

This playground did not disappointment.  I have a soft spot for the older style wooden playgrounds that look a bit like castles especially when they are adorned with fun paintings (a la the former All Children’s Playground in Raleigh).  The playground was divided into two areas with the toddler section on the left and older kids to the right.   Both are fully fenced in except for the entrances which are open to the main walkway between the two.

We started off exploring the toddler area.  It had a smaller wooden structure to climb with a low, wide slide.  There were swings, a small playhouse and a sandbox too.  The latter was by far D‘s favorite part.  Oh, boys and dirt….

But the other side with all the bigger kids running around beckoned to him so the three of us headed that way.  There was an even larger wooden structure – you could climb, sneak through tunnels and over bridges, ride slides, ring bells, etc.  It was a little tricky being a busy day trying to keep an eye on our toddler amidst the older kids who were lost in their own bit of fun.  Truthfully, it wore us all out, but that was part of our reason for heading to the playground in the first place.

Outside of the playground is a basketball court, picnic tables and a baseball field (great for running off some of that built up energy from being stuck indoors on cold & rainy days).

The weather forecast is looking very balmy for January the next few days.  Head outdoors with the kids to this playground or find another we’ve reviewed on our Resources page here.  Have fun playing!

Kelly Road Park
1609 Kelly Road

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