La Vita Dolce at University Mall

Updated 4/2011: And, like that, they’ve closed.  C’est la vie La Vita D.
You all are keeping secrets from me : La Vita Dolce opened in University Mall!? This is so great!

In November, on Black Friday, La Vita Dolce left their Southpoint Mall location to start a spot in University Mall. Southpoint’s loss is our gain. If you don’t recall, La Vita Dolce is the gelato spot C and I like to visit in Southern Village.

The University Mall location is a small counter, but lots of taste. A nice range of gelato choices as well as a full coffee bar and a selection of baked goods.

I like that I can now take my kid to Chick-fil-A for a kid-friendly lunch then head over and get some good caffeine. And, of course, A Southern Season is also in the vicinity!

And while I appreciate you all looking out for my post-New-Years-Resolution waistline, let’s not keep secrets from each other any more.

La Vita Dolce- University Mall (although not updated)
201 S. Estes Drive
Chapel Hill

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3 comments for “La Vita Dolce at University Mall

  1. Anonymous
    January 22, 2011 at 8:45 pm

    The place failed to pay rent for months at Southpoint, stiffed employees, and has a very bad rep.

  2. January 24, 2011 at 1:25 am

    I did not know any of that, and sounds awful! But I do know I love gelato & espresso…. If this is true their stay at UMall may not last too long.

  3. February 8, 2011 at 1:44 am

    Anonymous is an idiot and doesn’t know what they’re talking about! If you did even a little research you’d have found that MANY, MANY, MANY tenants at SouthPointe and malls ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY have, in the past few years, been on rent relief or not paid rent. This company doesn’t have a bad reputation. I’d urge Anonymous to do the footwork while they put their foot in their mouth. La Vita Dolce has the best coffee and gelato in town!

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