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Updated 1/2012- SportArt has renamed themselves Orange County Gymnastics and moved to a temporary location in University Mall while they renovate their facility.  Same great classes and great prices!
As you know blog friends, I have been on the prowl for some good movement classes for C as of later. We loved Little Gym, Tumble Gym, and Bull City Gymnastics. But I’ve been looking for something that combines a good price with a convenient location for our family. Sport Art Gymnastics seems the place that works for us!

Sport Art offers gymnastics for kids of all ages. We personally tried out the Mom/Pop & Tot Class, geared towards ages 16 months through Preschool. This class was lead by a woman named Nancy, who the kids just loved. Nancy has been doing this for over 30 years, and is so relaxed and funny. I loved her immediately.

The class we took was not nearly as organized or as planned as the other classes we have seen. In fact, this was a lot more like an open play time in a gym. There were obstacle courses set up and various age-appropriate equipment around. And some kids’ music played intermittently in the background.

But Mrs. Nancy would spend one-on-one time with different children, encouraging them in whatever particular activity they seemed to be interested in. This was everything from rolling some of the kids in a big tube to helping others learn cartwheels. And for this age group, this seemed to be a great tactic. Especially as there can be a huge different between an 18-month old and a 26-month old in motor skills. I appreciated following C‘s natural tendencies and interest instead of trying to make him sit.

We did end with some parachute time and songs.

The facilities seem older than Bull City, but just as safe and entertaining and diverse (although I did not see a foam pit).

Parent + Tot classes are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10:30 am. But Nancy is open to hosting other classes if there is a number of people committed (playgroups?).

There are also classes for older kids that are much more traditional gymnastics lessons. I hear from parents with children in those classes that they are learning a lot and having a lot of fun.

I do like the price of Sport Art. Parent + Tot is $43/month (assuming 4 classes in 1 month that is just over $10 per class). But you get a 10% discount if you register for an entire semester.

So even if you just want to drop in for a day of play, call up Mrs. Nancy at the number below. This is also close to the Homestead Aquatic Center and Park, and not too far from Orange Leaf for an apres-gymnastics treat!

Sport Art Gymnastics
2200 Homestead Road
Chapel Hill

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  1. Anonymous
    August 27, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    What a sweet post about me and the gym! Coach Nancy! Love you all……

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