Miel Bon Bons

Update 1.2014: Miel Bon Bons is now open in Durham. 

It would be wrong of us to mention so many great chocolate shops in the area (Stam, Chocolate Door, Matthew’s) without bringing to your attention Miel Bon Bons in Carr Mill Mall.

This shop makes the most gorgeous cakes. They have won awards for their style and taste. And, in my opinion, this is how Miel Bon Bons has made their mark (afterall, they do call themselves a Patisserie and brand themselves as “Bakery & Cafe” foremost). They, of course, have gourmet chocolates that are quite delicious, and their location is fantastic. But not much here for kiddos outside of beverages, and their chocolate selection isn’t nearly as diverse as some of the other places we’ve scoured for you.

That said, I love the atmosphere of the place; it is the epitome of decadence with jeweled light fixtures and velvet. There are nice bistro tables outside their storefront in the mall, the eye candy is fantastic, and the chocolates that you do get are scrumptious.

My suggestion? Get the kids some Rita’s down the hall and while they chow on that, treat yourself to the delights of Miel Bon Bons. If you feel really guilty about getting something so rewarding for yourself and not including the kids in it, you can pick them up a consolation toy at Ali Cat. But, really, we don’t think you need to feel guilty AT ALL.

Miel Bon Bons
Carr Mill Mall
200 N Greensboro Road

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