NetSports: Lil’ Kickers

Let’s clear the air. I am totally down with being a “soccer mom.” I want to be the mom who brings the orange slices for halftime, drives muddy kids around, and cheers on the sideline. So when I found out about soccer classes that run year-round for kids ages 18 months to 8 years of age, I took C out to give it a try.

We took part in the Bunnies program (18-24 months). I will honestly admit that C isn’t going to be making any national tours with US Soccer soon. He finds it way more fun to throw the ball than kick it. But that is what the national program Lil’Kickers is all about: learning what soccer is while having fun.
NetSports is a huge indoor sporting complex off of Davis Drive in Morrisville. Its unassuming outside doesn’t hint at how much is indoors. There are indoor soccer games for kids to adult leagues on multiple fields. Simultaneously there are children’s soccer clinics and lessons going on on 3 different fields all next to each other (which this would be great if you have 2 kids, different ages, who are both interested in lessons). Then another half of the arena is dedicated to other net sports: volleyball and basketball. In fact, NetSports also offers a program called Lil’Hoopstars in addition to Lil’Kickers if your child just can’t get into the kicking (perhaps a future blog post?). NetSports also offers competitive leagues for kids and Track Out programs.

We have tried our fair share of classes lately. And soccer was a great time. Coach Katie was so great with the children and had a gentle way of organizing the chaos. Classes for kids ages 18 months – 35 months are parent/child classes. Which means at least 1 adult is on the field with the child helping them through the drills. We did running drills, red light/green light, kicking practice, stacking cones and kicking them, blowing bubbles and using feet to stomp on them, keeping the parachute up off the ground with our feet, and many more creative exercises to get kids to use their feet and not their hands. So far no dire repercussions at home after all the kicking practice.

The ground was AstroTurf so no need for special shoes or equipment. The field was completely closed off and contained by walls on 2 ends and then large bumpers on the other 2 sides. This kept the kids from running onto adjacent fields. Although it did still allow them to see the adjacent fields where the bigger kids had their lessons, which was mildly but not harmfully distracting. The older kids were doing more classic soccer drills such as dribbling, skipping, heading, and shots on goal.

You have to pay for a session to attend any of the Lil’Kickers programs at NetSports. There is no drop in rate. The next session starts March 8th and runs through mid-May. Classes are $13 a class, 10 classes in a session. There is an annual registration fee of $10 as well. Not too expensive at all, and they do offer make-ups for any missed classes.

There are concessions available for sale at NetSports.

All in all, there is a lot to offer here. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll run into me here as I hand you and your kid an orange slice during halftime.

3717 Davis Drive

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